Sunday, May 15, 2011

Creme Bakery Review

It's been a while since I've posted, and it's mostly because I've been too poor to buy many ingredients for cupcakes! I now have a job that pays well and treats me well, so there will be more posts soon to follow. For now though, I wanted to share the awesome news that Blowing Rock has been graced with a new bakery!
It is in the cutest little yellow cottage on Main Street, and boasts a wide selection of both sweet and savory treats. I decided to go all the way and buy an "Artesinal Cupcake," a lemon and blueberry beauty.

It was a little crumbly, so I had to eat it with a fork. Flavor-wise, it hit all the right marks in my book. The lemon was not too tart, but was just present enough to complement the blueberry nicely. I wasn't sure if the icing was cream cheese or not, but if I'm right in guessing, I believe it was lemon cream cheese.

The only slight problems I had with the cupcake revolved around texture. The blueberries had mostly sunk to the bottom, an issue easily solved by freezing the berries pre-baking. The frosting looked like it had started to separate, making it look a little less professional. As I said before, the cake itself was rather crumbly, almost as heavy as a muffin.

The service was a little awkward, as you could've heard a pin drop when I walked in, and I initiated every bit of conversation.

All in all, this was a delicious cupcake, and I would recommend the bakery to anyone. With a little more practice and a little more business, this bakery will soon move to the top of my list.

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Little Slice of Heaven

I know this is a food blog, but I just couldn't resist posting pictures of my apartment. I think I'm basically finished decorating, but there's always CraftGawker and DwellingGawker to tempt me into changing things up.
If I were to describe my room in one word, it would without a doubt be cozy.

I found my headboard at a local thrift store for $15, and the quilt at Walmart for $19.

The shelf is a utility shelf from Walmart to contrast with the warm colors of my room. The binder says "Be Responsible Please!" and holds important things to do :)

This is the easiest wall decoration you can possibly do. Just take a bunch of your favorite pictures and arrange them in whatever shape you want! I chose a grid because I like how it looks like a huge piece of art, but I've seen photo murals in the shape of hearts, letters, etc.

I decided that I like my closet door open, so I put an old blue suitcase in front of it and purchased a spring rod and single sheer curtain panel from Walmart to hide my messy clothes.

Rabbit ears! :)

With a simple garland, my room is complete.

It's one of the most important criteria in determining my stress level that I have a relaxing environment to come back to. I love my room, and I hope you can take some amount of inspiration from it!